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Wealth & Wellness Club

Join the monthly club that gives you exclusive access to courses, content, and deals for all things Omazing You!

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Take part in this 14 week course and fully explore what it means to Believe | Release | Embrace | Accept | Take Action | Heal | Elevate

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Elevate Your Life

This 30 Day Challenge is guided by our exclusive online course. You will have at your fingertips everything you need to complete the challenge each day. Each course purchase includes the Elevation Challenge Workbook.

Content access will be available 24-48 hours from purchase.


5 Principles of Prosperity

This free training companion pairs perfectly with the the 5Ps of Prosperity 90 Day Planner. You will gain access within 23-48 hours of purchasing the book.


Reset Challenge

This 30 Day Challenge helps you to reset, refocus, and rejuvenate. The course content is pair with video tips to help get you where you need to be! You will gain access with in 24-48 hours of purchasing this challenge.