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Dr.Obioma Martin is a transformational facilitator, a international leadership coach, TEDx speaker, 7x bestselling author, and founder of the Omazing You National Holiday, Accumulated Systems Approach (ASA), CEO of OMAX Institute the center for Early Education, Entrepreneurship, and Leadership.


There’s no quick fix for growth; there’s no magic formula for better results. But it doesn’t happen on accident, either. There is a specific curriculum for your organization to thrive, and I am here to help you put it to work.

As a professional teacher and trainer, Dr. Martin serves people and organizations alike who aspire to greater things for themselves. Dr.Martin connects deeply and genuinely as she creates a safe space for her clients to transform into their best selves, from the inside out.

Dr.Martin is here to help you create the life you want to live; Dr.Martin is here to provide you with the tools you use to excel physically, mentally, relationally, and financially… and that is why she loves what she does.

Whether you’re looking for insights on leadership, business development, accountability, or other personal growth and development principles, Dr.Martin has time-tested programs available that will fit your needs. Dr.Martin offer’s individual and group work, as well as online or in person; Dr.Martin can meet during your hours of operation, or afterward.